Thursday, 20 March 2008


LOTRO community officer Liquilla has posted a brief chat log of the LOTRO Roundtable chat with Jeffrey Steefel which took place at Connect on the Codemasters forum. Most of the answers are, as you would expect, of the blankly uninformative "we are aware of that issue and are giving it our most serious consideration" type, but one or two fragments of hard information still percolated through. In particular, the rumour of new mounts can now be laid safely to rest:
Q. Can you give us any information on the new mount? A. It's not a new player mount, it's a mount for monsters. Once you kill a monster its rider will fall off and continue to attack you – this is just one of the many new AI enhancements coming LOTRO’s way.
So there you go. No flying drakes or other exotic mounts for us after all. Too bad, I had high hopes of those War-Mammoths promised in the forthcoming Book 13.

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Anonymous said...

BTW, the devs have repeatedly stated that flying mounts are definitely not an option, now or ever. In any case, the Tolkien mythos doesn't provide for them.

Kairos said...

Well, the mythos does include the use of eagles as mounts, but I would agree that this only occurred on very rare occasions, and that eagles would not be an appropriate player mount. On the other hand, what I am definitely looking forward to (perhaps in the Rohan expansion?) is war-horses which would allow combat on horseback.