Sunday, 27 July 2008


Legendary items have made their first appearance with Book 14. So far, we have seen items in four categories: “Common” (usually grey icons), “Uncommon” (green icons), “Rare” (purple icons) and “Incomparable” (teal icons). The colour coding has not been entirely uniform, since a number of items such as trophies and components don’t always follow the rules, but it is usually valid for armour, weapons and jewellery. It is worth noting that there has been some confusion in the past over the precise character of “Legendary” items; for example, the LOTRO online database MMODB includes a long list of Legendary items which are in fact only Incomparable (teal).

It is now confirmed that the icons for true Legendary items will have a gold (or deep yellow) background to their icons. So far, four Legendary items have surfaced, but disappointingly, they turn out to be nothing more than re-classified Balrog drops: a necklace, an earring, a pocket item and the Wig-feld cloak. The three items of jewellery are good but not stunning, and depending on your class, they may or may not be an improvement on the best teals; Wig-feld is probably the finest general-purpose cloak available to date. All four of these drops are rare to extremely rare.


maskalyne said...

Thought they said legendary items were to be neon green - so what are the gold ones?

Kairos said...

Yes, there is still considerable confusion here. The four gold items whose images I posted are currently described as "Legendary", so presumably they are representative of a new fifth tier of items. However, they are not representative of the new items coming in with Mines of Moria which will be capable of improvement; unfortunately, the latter have also been described in advance announcements as "legendary", which muddies the water. Presumably, it is these whose icons will have a neon green background.

I would guess that if the developers want to maintain a distinction between gold and neon green items, they will have to come up with another name for one category or the other...