Thursday, 2 April 2009


Well, despite the panic Stateside, it looks as though Europe will be getting Book 7 today after all. According to the Codemasters login page:
Leaves of Lórien Coming Thursday!

Don't forget that this maintenance day we will be patching the servers up to Book 7: Leaves of Lórien along with the additional Patch 1. Servers will go down at 08.00 and be back up at 14.00 hours, UK time (GMT+1).

And at 19.00 GMT+1, the news was:
Unfortunately at the moment we are experiencing a few technical difficulties with our content distribution provider which we use for high bandwidth delivery of new patches.
We are actively managing the situation by moving some patching onto additional datacentre patch servers to improve the situation, which might lead to some of you receiving 404 errors while connections are being moved.
If you are experiencing slow patching speeds then please try stopping and re-starting the launcher as this may move you onto an improved patch connection.
We are in contact with the content provider and hopefully normal service will be resumed before too long.
Thanking you for your understanding and we hope you are able to get patched up shortly.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this book :D I am looking forward to all the new places to explore and a well deserved glimpse of daylight through the Lothlorien forests!

...and of course, new tribes of orcbloods to put to the sword!

Kairos said...

...and at 18.45 GMT+1, 85% of people downloading had downloaded less that 40% of the total...