Monday, 8 June 2009


Quest trophies - the decorative items which drop when a particularly tough boss has been killed - are, quite rightly, Bind on Acquire (BoA) - they are meant to be proof of prowess or cunning, and shouldn't be available on demand to anybody with money or generous friends. The same applies, perhaps with rather less urgency, to decorative items only available to those who have achieved high rank with various factions.

There is, however, one very common occasion when this strict BoA rule needs be relaxed or modified. Many trophies end up gracing Kinship Houses, either because they are considered honours pertaining to the entire fellowship or raid responsible for the kill, or else because individual members choose to donate them. The problem is that because they remain bound to their original acquirer, they cannot be moved by anybody else; if anyone but the owner tries to do so, the only option given is "Return to owner", which means they immediately end up in the owner's escrow account. If the owner in question then fails to retrieve them in time, they are gone forever. Note also that there is no indication of just who the owner is, so there's no possibility of contacting them and having them move the item.

All of which means that making changes to a trophy-heavy Kinship House is virtually impossible, even for the leader. What's more, trophies and other BoA items will vanish in the wake of a departing member, even if he or she had no such intention. The obvious answer is to allow for decorative items of all kinds, including trophies, to be BoA with the sole exception of transfer to a Kinship, perhaps into a Kin Treasure Vault accessible only to the leader and nominated members by means of a new permission. Items taken out the vault and in the temporary posession of a player would immediately become BoA again unless placed in a Kinship House decorative slot. In other words: trophies would be transferable from the original owner to the Kinship, after which they could only be used in Kinship House decorative slots.


Tony said...

This has always bothered me. It'd be nice if they adjusted it.

I'd also like if any character on my account was considered the same as far as these house items go. What's the difference if MY dwarf or MY elf wants to take something down? Either should be able to if I personally put it there.

Kairos said...

Couldn't agree more, Tony. One suggestion has been that houses should include an extra chest accessible by all the alts, which would include BoA decorative and furnishing items, but - for obvious reasons - no armour or weapons.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! Trophies should definitely be "Bind on Account". While we are wishing, I wish we could have a separate house for each character. I love living at 2 High Road, but it would be cool to have an alt that lives near the Kin House :)

Merigold said...

buhaha, great throphy. I wish I has it on my wall, in my tiny room (real life). Anyway, I hope Turbine change this, to "bind on Account" - great idea 2highroad