Thursday, 1 October 2009


There appears to be some confusion at the moment over what exactly the new Adventurer's Pack which is being released in North America at the same time as the Siege of Mirkwood will include. Apart from the two extra character slots, interest has focused largely on the promise of "shared storage" between characters on the same account. Unfortunately, expectations that this means all storage will be common to all characters must be dashed; according to the official Turbine publicity posting "Answer the Call of War", shared storage will consist of nothing more than "a storage space capable of storing 20 items accessible by all your characters on the same LOTRO server/world".

The obvious implication is that this will consist of an extra storage module of limited capacity over and above what is currently available - my guess would be an additional chest. And it's virtually certain not to accept bound items, including those quite unnecessarily BoA decorative items. Not really all that much help, then, in terms of housekeeping; you might store a small range of potions there, or perhaps a few crafting materials... Better than a kick in the pants, of course, but far from earth-shaking.

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Green Armadillo said...

It is indeed a 20-slot storage area, but it has a new UI and WILL accept bound items, with the caveat that only the character who owns the item can remove it.

My guess is that they are planning to sell additional shared storage for additional fees or in additional adventure packs, like Guild Wars currently does. The amount of effort they put into reorganizing the interface makes no sense whatsoever for a 20-slot bag; how many ways do you NEED to sort a space that size?