Friday, 6 February 2009


Many players have no doubt by now acquired that remarkable trophy, General Talug's Armour Display, which comes in a nifty red cabinet. Rather fewer of its proud owners may be aware of the fact that this is LOTRO's first functional trophy. Which is to say that if you click on the display, you will suddenly find yourself wearing the late general's armour. That's right, a full set of finest orc armour for you to strut about in - just like the armour set you looted in Fil Gashan, which was so rudely yanked away again when you exited the instance.

The down side is that, like the Fil Gashan set, it vanishes after five minutes. Still, that's long enough to get to Bree and spread raw panic among the citizenry...

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arbitrary said...

That's awesome, I'm going to go try it now