Wednesday, 25 February 2009


The bow on the right, Reason, is the l.58 Second Age legendary I've been using in Moria for the last couple of months, and it's a pretty good bow. However, I've been on the lookout for a l.60 Second Age, more out of a feeling that I really needed to get the best possible (leaving aside First Age items for the moment, please), rather than because I was unhappy with Reason. A few days ago, chancing to log on early one morning when almost nobody else was around, I was very lucky to find a l.60 bow on the Laurelin Auction House with a sellout price of 30G. It was unidentified, and therefore a gamble, but it paid off - the legacies it came with were more than decent, if not perfect.

So Darkfall has now become my main ranged weapon, rushed up to l.30 in a matter of minutes thanks to a stash of item experience point runes. However, what has really floored me is the difference two levels make to the DPS (Damage Per Second) rating: maxed out in both cases, Reason has a DPS rating of 53.6, whereas Darkfall, raised to the same tier, achieves an astonishing 59.1! Oh, and the speed is significantly better, too (2.2 versus 2.5),

Moral: Use the highest level legendary weapon you can lay your hands on to be getting on with, but as soon as a l.60 comes your way, grab it at almost any cost. What will happen to faithful old Reason, you ask? I though of breaking it up when it reaches l.40 in order to reclaim some of the experience, but on second thought, I may after all use a Beleriand title scroll on it, and keep it around as an alternative or backup weapon...

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Altan said...

A very nice bow indeed! Congratulations!

I read your post with interest since recently I have been scanning the auction house for a nice level 60 2nd Age weapon (I'm a guardian) and to be honest I've been in despair at the poor selection of items and the price tags attached!

Thanks to this post at least I know roughly the DPS to expect. I'm pretty tired seeing tanking style legacies on two-handers and overpower legacies on one-handers. Guess I just keep looking or get that very lucky drop!

Keep up the blogging please, we need more like this!


Altan, 60 Guardian, Snowbourn