Friday, 22 May 2009


By and large, the average LOTRO player is rather older than players of most other online games. Does that make him or her more sensible, more mature and less likely to act like a completely selfish prat? With the exception of the thirty-odd people on my ignore list (you know who you are), this is to a certain extent true. Interestingly, it also means that an increasing number of players are electing to put pen to paper (update: fingers to keyboard) and writing about their experience of the game. It is therefore a great pleasure to welcome Epic Book to our little clan of LOTRO bloggers. Authored by Raegn, a gamer of some eleven-plus years experience, it includes some long, thoughtful but never dull posts on all aspects of the game, and comes highly recommended.

I also want to take this opportunity of bringing to your attention The Road Goes Ever On, an unusual and visually brilliant blog which is slowly and patiently illustrating each chapter of the original Lord of the Rings books with scenes from LOTRO, the game. The images are astonishingly vivid, but they have also made me realise how well and faithfully the game designers and artists have brought Tolkien's narrative to life. To give just a tiny example, which most of us may never have noticed (I certainly didn't): Tolkien writes that after waking up in the house of Tom Bombadil, Frodo peered out the east-facing window of their room and found himself looking upon a kitchen-garden, but "his view was screened by a tall line of beans on poles". Well, the beans and the bean-poles are right there where they should be, and we get a picture to prove it. Magic...


Raegn said...


Thanks for the recommendation! I've had you on my blogroll since inception, so I really appreciate it! :-)

- Raegn

The Road Goes Ever On said...

Hi Kairos,

Thanks very kindly for the shout-out! Like Raegn, I've had you on my blogroll from the get-go and always enjoy your posts.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Looks like good stuff here. Keep it up.


the confused hobbit said...

Hey I just started a blog of my own
and am working on a podcast looks like quite the blog you have another great one to add to my follow list.