Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Schadenfreude can be defined as malicious or gleeful pleasure at the misfortunes of others. Honestly, no malice is involved here, but I couldn't resist giggling at what came up this morning when I did a search for "Mirkwood" on the Lorebook forums. Here is a selection of thread titles from the first two pages of results, all from the last 24 hours:

• I'm so mad
• SoM not on account page
• Unable to start game after Mirkwood expansion
• Lag Galore!!!
• Stuck on "Cleaning Up Old Connection"
• Rubber banding!
• Server issues???
• Stuck on Loading Screen
• Cannot access any new areas
• Help me fast! 1 hr reconnect time!

In other words, the usual feedback from the first day or so of any expansion... Coming your way soon. I recommend going away for a couple of days till the dust settles, or perhaps hauling that old Monopoly set out of the basement and playing that instead; 90% of early glitches have to do with server overload, and with a bit of luck the other 10% will have been fixed by the time you get back online.


Pneumos said...

What I saw on Meneldor was an incredibly smooth launch. No lag to speak of, easy to find quest mobs even with a million people running around, instances starting up immediately with no queueing or other high-volume mechanics apparently in use.

Kairos said...

What I saw on Meneldor was an incredibly smooth launch.

Delighted to hear it. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly on this side of the pond, too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, on Arkenstone, the launch was the best i have ever seen with a patch. Good job turbine.