Thursday, 4 February 2010


Well, I've been taking a holiday from the blog, but not from the game. This was partly due to the need for a break of sorts, but also because with the new year, some weird bug wouldn't let me log into at all, claiming that Firefox wasn't accepting cookies. It was one of those ridiculous computer standoffs, where the idiot machine claims that black is white, and refuses to listen to reason. Anyway, I finally gave in and did a whole lot of re-installing from scratch, so here we are again...


Anonymous said...

YAY! I was worried that you'd gone the same way as MiddleEarthAdventurer. Very glad you're back and looking forward to your posts.

Alcasm said...

Welcome back!

I was hoping you would return soon. You have one of the more entertaining LotRO blogs that I've come across and despite my own interest in the game having waned somewhat over the past couple months I still look forward to your unique commentary.

We seem to have similar timing as well. I stopped blogging midway through November and started up again midway through January. Feels good to be back though, much as it feels good to have you back as well. :D