Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Illustrated above, Rochben gloves are perhaps the screwiest item drop in the current expansion, Siege of Mirkwood. They drop from the fourth and last boss of Sammath Gul, the fell spirit Demafaer, who is only accessible in hard mode; they give +25 radiance; and they are drop very often - perhaps as much as 40% of the time. And they only come in one flavour: Heavy.

Why are they weird? Well, first of all, they represent the one and only example in the game of a radiance item (and a major one at that) simply dropping as normal loot - every other item requires you to either kill a major raid boss and then win a 1:12 roll, or else gather a number of medallions. Rochben just drop, and by this time, they are being treated as vendor trash by many kinships. Secondly, there are no equivalent items anywhere in the game for medium and light armour wearers; the Dar Narbugud set gloves which are exchangeable for the Greater Elf-stone of Hand dropped by Zholuga have +20 radiance, and the Moria instance gloves only +15. Thirdly, they are the only teal radiance item in Siege of Mirkwood.

Were they left in by mistake after beta? Are they an example of whimsy on the part of the loot devs? Whatever, they're untidy. And unfair to all us non-heavy metal wearers...


wicked said...

They are the only teal +25 radiance items outside of raids.

There's some teal light and medium armour hat, gloves and leggins with 25 radiance that drop from the BG raid (no barter items).

I guess it it comes from the fact that all heavy armour wearers really depend on dread and radiance levels to be effective.

If a healer is playing in 8 dread it has -5 effective levels but can still heal. A guardian or a champion will not be that effective since the game is very unforgiving in that part.

Kairos said...

You certainly have a point, Wicked. But it still seems a rather arbitrary and untidy way of dealing with the problem, as well as being unfair to the medium armour combat classes like Wardens and Hunters.