Monday, 29 March 2010


Feeling mildly curious about whether Turbine had revealed anything about its future plans for LOTRO at PAX East, I just now did a Google search and came up with what looked like an interesting link to a site called The No News ("Where no news, is gaming news!"). What follows is the complete extent of the information provided:

Next we moved onto Turbine who are the creators of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Something I didn't know was that they are actually from here in Boston and were pumped that their hometown was finally hosting the expo. He discussed the new content in LOTRO and D&D Online and were actually giving away free copies of LOTRO and I believe there were members of Turbine signing the copies they were giving away.

He (who he?) discussed the new content in LOTRO, did he? That's fascinating. And, umm.... could we, like, share same? No? Well, never mind, I'm really happy about your free signed copy.

Late edit:
Eric Musco of The No News has added a comment to the effect that the real interview with Adam Mersky of Turbine can be found here; it seemed only fair to add his link to the original post...


unwize said...

In this case, 'new content' probably meant Oath of the Rangers.

Eric Musco said...

Glad to see you stumbled onto our site. I wanted to let you know that Google crawled the wrong article in our site. That was one of our writers overviews of the event, not the interview.

Is a link to our actual interview with Adam Mersky from Turbine. I don't know that it will reveal anything groundbreaking for a hardcore LOTRO or DDO fan, but it is what you were looking for :)

Kairos said...

Thanks, Eric.... I've added the link to the post!