Sunday, 28 November 2010


If you are a European LOTRO player, and you haven't already done so, head straight for the Codemasters forum and sign this petition. Started two days ago by UK player CarolineP, it is a politely worded request to CM to give serious consideration to restoring hacked accounts, as other MMOs, includingBlizzard, already do. In her own words, "We recognise that this involves time & cost to yourselves. We would accept a reasonable charge being levied, as this would have the dual benefit of stopping frivolous claims too. We also accept that it would be reasonable to limit the frequency in which this allowed. Perhaps only once per membership year, or similar? But we most urgently ask you to change your policy, especially as the game becomes much bigger and F2P potentially opens up opportunities to scammers and other unpleasant type".

Apart from putting forward an eminently sensible proposal, one which perhaps is now more urgent than ever, this forum thread is probably unique in that it hasn't generated a single objection, rant, cynical comment or even debate: there is absolute player unanimity on this critical subject, which is of course as it should be. 

And another first: within 24-hours, CM Community Relations Director Satine (someone, incidentally, who by dint of personality has done more than anyone to blunt some of CM's more egregious PR disasters in the past) had responded with a positive post: "As it happens we do have a new policy for hacked accounts which will be coming into effect soon. (Sorry to use the word "soon" but I know it should be before Christmas though it depends on if any critical problems arise before then). Hopefully it will make life a little easier for those that have been hacked. We'll give the details on what it entails once we're ready to launch it".

So there you have it. Community action can sometimes be beneficial. But don't let Satine's very welcome news put you off signing that petition!

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the answer to this question? Dr. Olsen never answered (because he realized he's wrong??) Thank you!!

Dear Professor Olsen,

I am a huge fan of Tolkien and therefore of your endeavors. Regarding Tom Bombadil, however, I have a major point of concern. Did the Washington Post make a mistake in their Lord of the Rings quiz (article about you 2/12/11) with the second question? It states:

"2. What is Tom Bombadil?

The professor says:

..Within Tolkien’s mythological framework, therefore, Tom Bombadil certainly must be one of the Maiar, a race of beings who are somewhat like angels (or demons) in stature. Gandalf, the Balrogs, and Sauron himself also belong to this same category of creatures."

I can find no evidence at all that Bombadil is a Maia. Rather, The Letters of JRR Tolkien states that Tom is "a spirit of the (vanishing) Oxford and Berkshire countryside.." (p. 26), an intentional "enigma" (p. 174), a "comment" (p.178), and "an allegory" left in because Tolkien had already created him and wanted an 'adventure' along the way (p.192).

Am I comletely wrong about this (thinking that there is no particular evidence that Bombadil is one of the Maiar)?

Thank you, and with gratitude and best regards,