Monday, 29 November 2010


At the southernmost tip of Enedwaith, on the border between Lich Bluffs and the Mournshaws, lies an inaccessible castle. You can find your way to the enormous front gates, but no further. Inside the gate skeletons patrol. The architecture seems dwarven; four huge statues of oversized dwarven ancestor figures dominate the front courtyard. The structure is vast, even allowing for the fact that only the northern exposure can be seen. At the western edge of the outer wall is a small tented encampment, currently empty, and just beyond that a small gap in the rock face through which it is just possible to slip. This leads to a small, circumscribed area by the eastern wall with no other exit. Could the castle be the site of LOTRO's next major raid, apparently due early in the new year?



Isy said...

I came across this when exploring the region the other day... exactly the same thought entered my mind :) Here's hoping!

Anonymous said...

I like the massive skull lock on the door.

Paul said...

This won't be the site of the new raid, at least not the first new raid. The devs have stated that the first new raid will not take place in Enedwaith.

I suspect that this would be the location of the new instance hub though.