Sunday, 10 February 2008


It's possibly the rarest and almost certainly the most prestigious item of gear in the game: ladies and gentlemen, presenting... the fabulous Cloak of the Cluck!

Presumably it's the final reward for completing chicken play. It comes with a generous armour count of 2 and is described as "indestructible", which is intriguing right there, but the big question is, what form does its fowl power take? Battery power?


Talzaroff said...

Hey Kairos!
Nice blog... I'll bookmark it! I love the picture on the back of this cloak though! Makes me want to try to finish the chicken run quests again ;)

Johnny Storm said...

I'm going for this, love the name and image of it, chicken run :)

Kairos said...

Rarer that Wig-feld, even. Frankly, I'm looking forward to someday seeing somebody wearing this cloak in the depths of the Vile Maw... See how you like them chickens, Watcher!