Saturday, 23 February 2008


Well, I am a level 44 Guardian, tried to survive the Barrow-Downs,
with my level 6 friend. Basically, I was soloing it.
Everything went well with the tanking, although sometimes
something came from behind and killed my friend.

However when we got the first boss (Left Hand Key)

my dad decided this would be excellent time to use the printer.
I completely lagged, couldn't click skills. And we got wiped.
However I don't think we would have survived anyway.

This is an genuine found poem, contributed to the Codemasters forum by ParkourKyle, to whom thanks and apologies. Editing was restricted to a change of line breaks in the first stanza.

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Swifty said...

What a great find! I particularly like the ending of the first part - funny & spooky at the same time: "although sometimes/something came from behind and killed my friend". Love it.