Saturday, 23 February 2008


Virtues are one of LOTRO's minor but still effective little design twists - and a good standby for those times when none of your friends are logged on and you have nothing much better to do than kill 300 wargs in Angmar in order to increase your Determination rank by a factor of one. The gains are minor but not entirely negligible: achieving rank 7 in Determination, for instance, grants you increases of 21 to Agility, 38 to Morale and 0.5 to in-combat regeneration. Mind you, in order to reach rank 8, the current maximum, you need to have knocked off:

  • 30 + 60 Wolves in Ered Luin;
  • 30 + 60 Slugs in the Shire;
  • 30 + 60 Barghests in Breeland;
  • 90 + 180 Wargs in the North Downs;
  • 120 + 240 Crawlers in the Trollshaws;
  • 120 + 240 Snowbeasts in the Misty Mountains;
  • 120 + 240 Salamanders in Evendim;
  • 150 + 300 Wargs in Angmar.
That's a lot of beasties...

Since only five virtues out of possible twenty can be slotted (and active) at any one time, a certain amount of tactical shuffling is possible and indeed desirable depending upon what your current objective is. Unfortunately, like other traits, virtues can only be switched around by a Bard, who is not always easily accessible in the depths of the Rift. There is obviously a lot of design potential in virtues, and it's almost certain that the maximum ranks achievable will be increased in the near future. It would also be nice if a), it became possible to slot more than five virtues at any one time, and b), if increased levels were less dependent on this "go forth and slaughter the wildlife in its hundreds and thousands" approach.

The ultimate guide to Virtues can be found on, a
very nicely designed site which uses an advanced graphical table design allowing you to look up details by virtue, by stat or by geographical zone.

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