Monday, 16 March 2009


As befits a rather more mature online game, LOTRO has attracted a number of blogs devoted to the game, many of them both readable and informative. Some of these I have noted from time to time and added to the recommended links, but up to now it's been largely a matter of luck whether or not I stumble across one. Now,'s LOTRO Combo Blog has come online, its mission, like it says on the title bar, to "Aggregate LotRO Blogs Faster Than an Elite Aggregator Orc".

They must have found a really a hard-working orc, because it carries out its instructions perfectly: click on or, better yet, subscribe to and you will find a constantly updated list of feeds from the best LOTRO-related blogs, including, title, link and the first few lines of every post. Eight fine blogs are currently included. Service with an (orcish) smile...

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