Monday, 23 March 2009


Few things are as frustrating as being told something is in the game when it isn't - particularly when those responsible refuse to clarify the situation by stating whether it has or hasn't been implemented. A classic case in point was the the Winter-tusk (mammoth) trophy which was supposed to drop from the time Forochel was opened up, but the drop was only implemented with Mines of Moria; the annoying thing here was the bland refusal of European GMs to state whether or not the damn thing existed.

For the last three months, many players have known of the existence of two new trophy (decorative) items which were added to the menu of the Bree taxidermist: a Whitehand shield supposedly dropped by the final boss in the School of Tham Mirdain, and an Uruk helmet (with stuffed Craban) supposedly dropped by the final Library boss (see details from the Lorebook, above). Unfortunately, nobody has ever seen these drop, and according to a depressing post from a Turbine developer on the US forums dated 13 February (!), "I'll look into this but I'm extremely dubious about them being (or getting) fixed for Book 7. I think this post is the first time we've heard of this bug. I'll bug it internally here and get the ball rolling." On the one hand, a shame it took them three months to notice, but on the other, kudos for actually responding to a valid complaint - something we on the European side almost never see...

As for the Egg of the Mistress, on the menu of the 21st Hall taxidermist but nowhere to be found as yet, the chances are this will drop from the new 12-man raid in Book 7.

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