Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have taken to patronising the 21st Hall Auction House and Crafting Bunker almost exclusively, to the neglect of the Breetown facilities which offered such sterling service for many months. This is, of course, largely because they - and the banking facilities - are conveniently just footsteps away from one another. There's another reason, however; every time I wander past, I get hailed by those excellent dwarf guards at the entrance to the bunker area in terms of the most outrageous flattery - or at least, I have been since completing the long, long chain of quests they had bestowed on me. One of them was "Enemies of Lothlorien", which as far as I can remember involved killing lots of everything in the lower levels of Moria, including all the bosses. Since the actual reward for completion was insignificant (something like 50-odd silver and some small change), I guess flattery laid on with a trowel is the best I can expect...

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